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Free Estimate & $50 OFF a Wireless Home Security System including Installation from ASG Security

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Free Estimate & $50 OFF a Wireless Home Security System including Installation from ASG Security

Plain Old Telepone Service (POTS), lines are vanishing at an alarming rate.  According to a filing from AT&T ,to the FCC in 2009, approximately 25%of households have completely abandoned landlines. Another 700,000 lines are being discontinued a month. Now, in  2014 the number is around 60%. It makes no sense to rely on outdated technology, for your systems method of communication, now  does it?  That’s why every ASG system utilizes a secure digital wireless communicator to contact the 24 hour Central Station. No danger of your phone lines being compromised with the latest in technology from ASGASG’s Phone App, for any smart phone, is wildly popular. You’ll be able to control your system, receive notification when someone arms or disarms your system.  So, you’re no longer tied to your keypad, with phone in hand you’re notified of all activity. If you have hardwired smoke detectors in place, we’ll install a Fire Fighter Module for FREE.  So, if one smoke sensor goes off, we’ll dispatch the Fire Department.


So, your ASG system is the only one needed to get help when, help is needed.  ASG will call you back to verify the signal, before the Police are called. If the Fire, or EMS, signal is sent, ASG will dispatch automatically, then call you back. Monitoring agreements are for 36 months. The insurance industry will give you up to 20% off your annual homeowners premium, for having a monitored system in place. ASG will also thank you for every sold referral, by crediting your account up to $100 per month. Don’t delay, act today.

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Year after year, ASG Security is recognized for its contributions to electronic security. From industry conventions to trade magazines, one thing is clear: ASG is a leader in the field.